Drupal Meetup is now in Whitefield, Bangalore! After February’s meetup, we decided to try and discover more Drupalers in Bangalore. We always knew that there are a lot more people using Drupal than we meet in the meetups and we have also known that location is a big factor in determining attendance at a meetup on a weekend. We found some leads in Whitefield and decided to hold the meetup there. Mindtree kindly agreed to host us for the meetup on 28th March, 2015. Photos from the event are below.

We carpooled and reached there by about 9:30 AM, having miscalculated for the traffic. After a quick bite at the canteen, we went down to the board room to find it almost full. Around 10:30 AM, we started with a round of introductions. I did a quick introduction to the meetup group and we first started with Gokul’s session on performance improvements in Drupal 8. This was followed by a quick break with tea, coffee, and biscuits courtesy of Mindtree. After the short break, I discussed on how everyone can start contributing to the Drupal core and other contributed modules using larowlan’s excellent slides from DrupalSouth. This turned into an interactive session with questions answered by experienced Drupalers such as Chakrapani, Gokul, Pavithra, myself and many others in the room.

We ended the day at about 1:30 PM feeling great about a successful meetup. We took names and other details of all the attendees and got a great representation from various companies in Bangalore. I will let the pie chart below do the talking.

The next meetup is scheduled a little early this month – the third Saturday instead of the usual last Saturday of the month. We are again in Whitefield this month and hosted by TCS. Location, date, time, and other details are available on the meetup page. I hope to see you all there this Saturday.

PS: Please help us out with a survey we are conducting to understand who is using Drupal in and around Bangalore. If you have ever used Drupal or considering it, please fill out this form. It will take 10 minutes and will help us plan and organize Drupal events better. The shortlink to the form is: bit.ly/drupal-blr.

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