I have been working with computers since 1998 programming on educational languages such as GW Basic and QBasic. I quickly moved up to assembly and wrote a full featured UI and utility development library for QBasic called Newlib. Written completely in assembly, the library was well received amongst enthusiasts and developers.

I started working with PHP and MySQL and developed simple to intermediate applications for community and friends. After stepping in Web Development world, I quickly picked up related technologies like XML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, etc. While building skills as a PHP/MySQL developer, I also earned a certification for computer maintenance and hardware support around the same time.

After completing school, I started my graduation in 2003 and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.E.) in Computer Science from Visveshwaraiya Technological University, Belgaum. I started freelancing in the last 18 months of my graduation course which gave me a chance to polish my development skills. Over the course of my freelancing career, I learned about new technologies and how to apply them in real world on actual projects. I familiarised myself with best practices, guidelines and conventions of each technology and applied them to improve the quality of my work.

After graduating, I joined a large multi-national corporation and worked on a development platform for enterprise applications. I left the job to start Circumbridge.

Today, I work as a development head and partner of Circumbridge. I blog on my Husain’s Chronicle and hussainweb.me and enjoy books, movies and photography amongst other things. You can follow me on twitter.