This was one of last minute decided and planned Drupal meetups. I was traveling for Decoupled Days and couldn’t plan this meetup well in advance, which meant I only started looking for the venue for the meetup barely 5 days before our regularly scheduled date of the last Saturday of a month. Fortunately, we found a space in 91Springboard, one of our regular hosts.

Since the meetup was announced just three days before, I was not expecting a lot of people able to attend. We had nine attendees in all (out of 15 RSVPs) and we had people traveling from distant areas of Bangalore. Having lived in Bangalore and being stuck in Saturday traffic, I greatly appreciate their dedication to learning.

The meetup started at 10:30 AM with a brief introduction of every attendee. We covered some of the Drupal news such as recent and upcoming events in India and internationally. We also talked about Drupal 9 and other changes in the technology.

At 10:45 AM, we started our first topic with Parvateesam Konapala talking about modules available to utilise Artificial Intelligence capabilities in Drupal 8. The talk was a good coverage of various modules provided by Azure Cognitive Services. Parvateesam also talked about Acquia Lift and how it utilises AI for personalisation.

At 11:30 AM, Pradosh Pattanayak walked us through Big Pipe and how it can help performance in Drupal. We covered the traditional sequential rendering of content and the Big Pipe style of rendering with scripting enabled and without JavaScript support.

We then took a short break followed by networking and general discussion on Drupal and related challenges. Discussions ranged from the best way to use entities for complex data structures to how to contribute to the Drupal community more.

We took a group photo and said goodbyes at 1:15 PM. For a barely planned meetup, it was a very organised and a productive day. Once again, thanks to 91Springboard for making the venue available and the support. And thank you to all those who participated and made the meetup successful. Our next meetup is planned on 24th August and I am looking forward to meet you there. You may RSVP by clicking here.

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