A couple of weeks back, I got a notification for a new meetup group for DigitalOcean in Bangalore. It is sometimes funny to see so many fragmented groups and I know that not many tide over a couple of meetups but I join them just the same. You never know which of these groups turn out to be good ones until you attend. Here’s a tip – most are good as long as you can participate and contribute to the topic.

The first meetup was held on 23rd April, 2016 at 91Springboard office in Koramangala. I reached the venue early misjudging the Bangalore city traffic but the meetup started a little later than 10 AM. The meetup started with DigitalOcean’s India representative introducing us to the company and their plans for India. They gave out stickers and T-Shirts and spoke about how DigitalOcean is opening a data center in Bangalore. This was a surprise to me as I didn’t even know that they had a presence in India, let alone a data center. It is definitely great news to those who work with cloud in India considering the latency. I can’t wait to try out instances here once they open and see how responsive it is. Click on the DigitalOcean links before to create an account.

The meetup was organized by some of the same people who have organized Docker meetups in Bangalore, another great meetup. The first session of the day was on Vagrant for Devops by Lalatendu Mohanty (photos at the end of the article). As a regular Vagrant user myself, there was not much new but I was excited to hear about otto. After the session and a good discussion, Aditya Patawari spoke about Terrafoam and Ansible. We broke for a snack after this where they had arranged for tea and delicious puffs. They also had cupcakes with the DigitalOcean sharks. After the break, we resumed with a session on Provisioning from Shell to Ansible using Digital Ocean APIs by Venkat.

It was a very productive meetup and I learnt a lot about the devops world. I am looking forward to attending more meetups and probably even speaking in one of them. Join the meetup group and join us for the next meetup. Photos below.

DigitalOcean Meetup - April 2016

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