Drupal Meetup Bangalore – August 2016

This month’s Drupal meetup was held at Srijan Technologies office in Bangalore on August 27, 2016. This was the first time we had a Drupal meetup in Kalyannagar, or even so far north in Bangalore and as such, we had a lot of new faces. There were around 20 attendees out of 32 RSVP’s which is just about the attendance ratio in meetups in Bangalore.

We had two sessions for the meetup. The day started at around 11 AM with “Automated testing with CasperJS” presented by Soumyajit Basu. We discussed the differences between CasperJS and other similar frameworks and nuances of testing with CasperJS. We saw a demo of a test written using CasperJS with the capability of grabbing screenshots, and other assertions. We also saw the report generated by CasperJS and discussed other aspects of writing tests.

After this session, we discussed the “Composer Workflow with Drupal” by Hussain Abbas (that’s me). We discussed what is composer and discussed the dependency management and autoloading aspects. We discussed autoloading in Drupal 7 and autoloading standards – PSR-0 and PSR-4. We then compared functionality of drush make with a composer.json file. This was followed by a short demo of using composer with Drupal 8 using the drupal-composer project. We walked through the composer.json based on the drupal-composer project and discussed how modules are specified in the composer.json, including the composer.json from a custom module.

After this session, we discussed what we could do to improve meetups. We discussed on the location of the meetup and the topics in which people would be interested. We decided to keep rotating the venues in different locations and topics such as Jenkins, theming, devops, etc…

We ended the meetup at 1:30 PM with pizzas and soft drinks sponsored by Srijan Technologies, which included networking. Photos from the event are below.

Drupal Meetup Bangalore - August 2016